I've tried the Sports socks in trail running and flat running. Both experiences have been perfect. The socks perfectly fit with the leg, being tight enough for the runners that want compression when running, but without being too much. They are very easy to put on and do not fall down while running. The kind of textile for the calf is very (very!) comfortable and I don't think much of the other brands have this material. I've also used the FITLEGS™ socks for recovery, due to in the past I've suffered shinbone inflammation and the doctor recommended compression socks – FITLEGS™ Sport are perfect for recovery (plus ice and stretching) after activity. Moreover, I've also tried FITLEGS™ in indoor cycling. I don't usually wear this kind of sock in indoor cycling, but I've realised that are also very useful for this too. I don't know if they will be too warm in summer, but I'll try it for sure! My experience has been absolutely fantastic and I'll keep on wearing the FITLEGS™ socks.

Jordi Sotorra FITLEGS™ Sport

I wore the Sport socks for the first time. I am a regular runner and felt the compression and tightness of the socks helped focus my attention on my running form, as I was conscious my lower leg was being supported more than normal socks. I usually run 10.5k but could push out to 12.9k. I would highly recommend these to any runner, also to anyone recovering from a calf injury and wanting to return to running with the knowledge these socks could offer greater support.

Lee Bolton FITLEGS™ Sport

FITLEGS™ compression socks provide first class comfort, safety, and are far superior to other brands I have previously used.

Louis Selwyn FITLEGS™ Everyday

I would just like to write to you to tell you about my experience with your running compression socks. I have before now only used regular training socks but I wore the ladies size 3-8 whilst running this week and was very impressed. They gave me fantastic support during my run and in fact I could run slightly further on the first time of wearing them. I am new to running and only do between 2 and 2.5kms 3-4 times a week, but found after my first wear I noticed reduced 'shaky leg' as I call it, after I wore them for the first time. My calves and legs were more relaxed post run than they had been when I had worn regular socks. They gave me fantastic support and most certainly made my running a more enjoyable experience. I can confirm I was most certainly running more efficiently and my distance was increased by 0.5 of a kilometre. As a new runner, I would most certainly recommend them to other runners as they were very comfortable but the added support to my calves which are a little out of shape. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them I will continue to wear them.

Sasha Light FITLEGS™ Sport

I completed the London Marathon 2017 wearing FITLEGS™. Overall, I did almost 28 miles on the course and extra throughout the day with travelling. I am happy to say my feet are in perfect condition, not even a hint of a blister and all of my toenails are intact! Throughout training I’ve been suffering with really tight calves - amongst other things, but I found on the day wearing these I could run a lot further before they started aching, and every mile in a marathon without being in pain is a bonus! I am also thrilled that I was able to walk 2 days afterwards as the tightness in my calves subsided really quickly. If I am ever stupid enough to attempt another marathon I would definitely wear FITLEGS™ again.

Sarah Cambridge FITLEGS™ Sport